/pi:s/ (peace)

Information Visualisation | Print | Typography

/pi:s/ (peace)
an exploration into the changing definition of peace

From 1901 the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to 114 laureates who have ‘done the most or best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.’ However till today the Peace Prize stands as the most controversial  of the Nobel prizes.

‘/pi:s/ is a book which seeks to understand the notion of ‘peace’ as presented by the prize and the Norwegian Committee. It achieves this by exploring the peace prize through an interlude from Jay Nordlinger’s book ‘Peace, The Say’ alongside a series of concertina data visualisations which analyse the peace issues each laureate was awarded for. This research provided interesting insights on the topical spread of the issues, how scale comes into play and essentially how the definition of peace has shifted to become more broader over time. 

Alluding to this complexity and sensitive nature of peace is the design of this book which employs typographic play alongside unconventional use of stitching to create an informative, tactile and engaging design.